Classes in:

Contemporary Modern Technique, Composition, Improvisation, Partnering, Repertory, Audio and Video Editing, Photoshop, Interactive Technology, Basic Programming, Web Development ++


Move-It Summer Intensive // Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company July 21 - August 1, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT more information


RIRIE-WOODBURY DANCE COMPANY CLASS // Daily company class. At times this is open to the public. Follow Ririe-Woodbury on Facebook to stay posted. ANNUAL TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP // For the past 5 years this workshop has been presented by the University of Colorado Boulder. Stay tuned for dates early in the summer 2015.


daniel_@_dance_complex_1TECHNIQUE // The goal of my contemporary dance class is to cultivate individual expression within the confines of set material in an effort to develop a unique dancing voice. My technique class encourages meaningful physical outcomes by exploring rich technical phrases, structured improvisation, and creative imagery. Movements range from simple and pure mappings of the body’s pathways to physically charged, technically demanding phrase work. The use of an expansive back, expressive torso, and movement as energy is the primary concentration. The class encourages alignment, clarity of intention, and line and addresses specificity of timing, musicality and attuned rhythmical prowess. Major stylistic and technical influences are from the work of José Limón and Doug Varone. NON-TRADITIONAL PARTNERING // The idea behind non-traditional partnering is equality. Everyone tries everything - both being supported and supporting, as well as being lifted and lifting. This class will investigate partnering by establishing an environment of awareness and trust. Improvisation, games, and studies will be used to help define and explore fundamental elements such as weightshare, lifting, and tactile connections. The class will apply these concepts to dance ideas created by the students, the teachers, or by dancing repertory excerpts.


DANIEL CHARON DANCE INTENSIVE // From 2009 - 2011, this annual workshop was produced by Mary McCarthy in the Boston area to offer a week of a concentrated dance experience. Hosted at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA. Classes offered were daily technique, yoga, improvisation, repertory, and partnering. Joining Daniel in 2010 and 2011 was Natalie Desch who co-taught the workshop. Testimonials
// This was an amazing experience which gave me a different way to move from my regular classes, which I think is very important. I feel Daniel was INCREDIBLY on focus and clear in getting his ideas and movement across. I learned so much in only 2 classes and felt amazing at the end of class. Would do this again in a heartbeat!!
// I loved Daniel and Natalie – they were so inspiring, unpretentiously brilliant, compassionate educators. Come back to Boston!
// Beautifully constructed and thoughtful classes.
// DCDI III was a wonderful challenge to learn new dance technique and movement that are outside my normal comfort zone. Daniel and Natalie offered so many helpful ideas on HOW to dance, I only wish I could have incorporated them all more quickly.

Artistic Director // Choreographer // Teacher

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